Producers Anjanette Clewis and Rendalee Singleton are currently in pre-production on For Nightmares, a horror anthology movie in the style of Creepshow, Tales From The Crypt and Twilight Zone: The Movie. The stories in For Nightmares are in the classic campfire-tale style, with ghostly visitations on Halloween and dreams haunted by the spectre of death.

The Author


Dennis McDonald is the author of 13 Nightmares, the anthology from which the four stories in For Nightmares are adapted. Dennis is a talented and prolific author, whose novels include Oathbearer, Ebon Moon and Undead Flesh.

The Stories

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The Last Trick or Treater

A terminal patient confides in his hospice nurse about his past transgressions, and the vengeful spirit that he knows is coming for him this Halloween night.

Ed Neal
as Mr. Morley

Anjanette Clewis
as Charlene

Ian Hudspeth
as Scabby Bobby

The Girl Next Door

The order in a quiet boarding house is disrupted when one of the tenants takes in a new love interest.

Greg Ingram
as Mr. Henner

Jan Norton
as Miss Rosenberg

Michael Montgomery II
as Calvin

Live Bait

Two college friends on a fishing outting encounter a bait shop owner obssessed with a local urban legend.

Andrew Sensenig
as Broscoe

(to be announced)

(to be announced)

Chastity Lynn
as Jessie Mae

Ashlie Rhey
as Louise

Night Fright

A man tormented by a recurring nightmare seeks some late-night advice from a dream interpretation hotline.

(to be announced)

Jill Whitlow
as Madeline

James Hampton
as Dr. Whitaker

(to be announced)

(to be announced)

The Filmmakers


Anjanette Clewis is Producing For Nightmares as well as starring in The Last Trick or Treater and making her directorial debut directing The Girl Next Door.


Rendalee Singleton has produced the feature The Soul Gatherer and several award-winning shorts, and is co-producing For Nightmares.


Benjamin L. Ward is the director of The Soul Gatherer and is directing The Last Trick or Treater and Night Fright.


Jack Wood Johnson has written the screenplay for ForNightmares and is making his directorial debut directing Live Bait.


Harry Manfredini is scoring For Nightmares. Harry is an accomplished and prolific film composer, best known for having scored all the classic Friday the 13th films.

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